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I'm Kim, and I develop and facilitate workshops and other creative learning experiences for curious people. And I think this is the best job in the world.

I will help you make huge, exciting changes to the way you live your life.

How? I collaborate with people who have big ideas, who take exciting risks, and who do the things that they were absolutely born to do. I bring these people together in inspiring and delightful places with amazing seekers and learners, and then watch the magic. The connections made at gatherings like these are some of the most important connections people make in their lifetimes. 

I also work one-on-one with people who are ready to live the lives that they've always wanted. You know that tap you feel on your shoulder every now and again? The one that reminds you that the life you've always imagined for yourself is still waiting for you?  Perhaps you've put if off until you bought your house, had a kid, got a raise, lost 20 pounds, started a 401k, got married, got divorced...? I'm here to help turn around when you feel that tap, and take a good look at the person you're drawn to being. Let's do this.

I also help creative small business owners make their dreams come true.

When I was 29, my best friend and I opened a 75-seat, full service restaurant, bar, and live music venue. I worked my tail off for the next five years, loving every minute, but very rarely got the chance to back up and have a look at the big picture. Strategy is a huge part of business success! I can help you with this crucial perspective. 

If you're not in the trenches just yet, I can help you with the planning process, with marketing, and with the sort of advice that one only comes by through being a business owner themselves. 

Let's make something magic happen.

Happy Clients

"I was ready to start a business, but I was stuck circling trying to figure out all the answers.  When I met Kim, I was flailing, trying to figure out how to start a creative business with the overwhelm of having no idea where or how to start. She gave me the permission I needed to stop over thinking and start doing. Kim helped me get unstuck by walking me through exercises to discover my ideal client and business model.  She helped me kick my people pleasing tendencies with tough assignments so I could get to the bottom of what I wanted to pursue. Kim provided a supportive environment where I felt safe to share what I felt. She gave me the gentle encouragement I needed with a tough love attitude." - A happy client in the Midwest

"Kim has been incredibly helpful at guiding me toward insights that are right in front of me but I've been missing. This is particularly true when I've needed to a see my job and what I want out of my career from a different perspective. Her unique style, as well as her use of creative fun games, has helped me think through what I really want and challenged me to take action in areas of my life where I've been a bit stuck. I always come away from a session with Kim feeling motivated and and empowered with tools to take on the somewhat scary challenges and opportunities in my life." - Sonia in DC

2018 Retreat
Artisan Bread Baking — Journaling — Yoga
Join us in the south of France—Details to come!

Get ready to join me for three days of baking, reflection, writing and coaching. Let the process of baking bread guide you as you spend a quiet long weekend looking inward and letting a traditional skill lead you closer to your life's purpose. 

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