Coaches help people live their lives more fully. 

Do you have a daydream you visit now and then, where you're doing something you love, living a life that feels right for you and enjoying the process of moving through your day? Perhaps you have this reprieve from daily life while you're on the subway, or in the shower, or while you're walking your dog. Because you see it as an abstract concept, you allow you mind to take you to places that seem impractical, or even fantastic—you're making a living as an artist, or you're writing professionally, or you're opening and running a shop or café. Or perhaps you dream of travel, or writing a successful app, or starting a small press magazine. These things you imagine speak strongly to you because they're aligned with your values and your life purpose. 

What would happen if you began to live the life you've always imagined?  

A good coaching relationship will begin by helping you clarify what it is that really matters to you. We'll explore your values and your life purpose, and get you started on a path toward that fulfillment your soul is asking for. Living more in alignment with the things that truly matter to you will give you more energy and focus, and having someone to offer new perspectives and give you some accountability will give you the support, guidance and resources you need to succeed.