Getting Started

I'll admit it—I've been putting off starting this blog because I wanted to create the perfect post. A post that would set the right tone, that would showcase my unique voice, that would be informative and insightful and entertaining. The topic of this post was something I considered, somewhere in the back of my mind, for weeks. Today, as I sat down, again, to think about writing this post (which is what I say I'm doing when I stare at a blank screen briefly before moving on to another task when I don't come up with anything) I realized that the advice I want to share is simply this: 


As a creative, smart, ambitious person, you want to put the best of yourself forward, and that's wonderful! But the desire to showcase the things you do best is often accompanied by a belief that every offering you put out there has to be perfect. Though intellectually, it's easy to see how this can't be achievable, once this idea implants itself in the path in front of you, it's surprisingly resilient. And as it wraps around your ideas, this belief will keep you from creating and sharing anything. 

So today, I'm providing you with an example of a creative endeavor that's good enough. It makes an important point: Put your work out there, in front of people's eyeballs, and them move on to make more work. By doing this, you make connections with other people, you get the feel-goods that go along with expressing yourself, and you free up space to create more of the things you create. 

Perfection is a myth. Go make things that are good enough, and then go make some more.